Cricket’s return to the Olympic Games after 128 years could be 2,500 miles from the venue
JM González
June 22, 2024

Although the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have yet to take place, there are several who already have their eyes set on Los Angeles 2028. The next ring event after France will be the United States, which will see the return of cricket to the program Olympic after 128 years, after its only inclusion in 1900, in the edition also held in the French capital.

The news was confirmed in 2023 and although there are still four more years for Los Angeles to become a reality, there are already rumors that the return of the sport that attracts masses especially in Asia, will take place 2,500 miles from the headquarters of the Olympics 2028. This is because both the International Olympic Committee and the organization of the event would welcome bringing this sport to New York.

The holding of the T20 Cricket World Cup, which is currently taking place in the United States, with one of its venues in the temporary Nassau stadium, is leaving good impressions ahead of the final analysis of the venue where it will be played in Los Angeles 2028. Furthermore, another variable to consider is that a prime time slot for the Olympic Games could coincide with good broadcast hours in India, one of the countries that dominates this sport and that concentrates great attention within its population.

There are more variables to consider and also the International Cricket Council, the sport’s governing body worldwide, is another actor that must come into play when making a decision. Among the arguments for not removing the discipline from the original headquarters in Los Angeles is the factor that experiencing the Olympic Games is more than a purely sporting experience for the protagonists and that it also involves the daily life of sharing with other countries and athletes in, for example, For example, the Olympic Village.

The decision still needs to be made, which clearly will not be rushed, especially with the Paris Olympic Games soon to begin. The truth is that cricket will return to the biggest sporting event after 128 years. It will be a party, of course, but it remains to be seen where the dance will be.

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