Emma Waiwai, a new woman president of an Olympic Committee (Papua New Guinea)
Juan José Saldaña
July 10, 2024

For more than four decades Emma Waiwai has been linked to the sport of her country, during 2015 she was president of the Pacific Games, which left a great memory as one of the most acclaimed and successful in history. Today and after a historic election, the communications engineer has become the first woman to become president of the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee.

Waiwai has held various positions, such as vice president of the Olympic Committee, leader of the Gender Equality Commission and also belongs to the Oceania Equality Commission. One of the main actions that led her to the presidency was the outstanding organization of the Pacific Games, which won various awards, including the national recognition medal.

Following her election as PNGOC boss, Emma said: “I look forward to working with all stakeholders to promote the development of sport in Papua New Guinea and ensure our athletes have the support they need to excel on the international stage.”

Emma Waiwai will have her first official activity as President of the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, accompanying her country’s delegation.

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