ISU votes to modernize ice skating sports
Yeray Vergara
June 15, 2024

The International Ice Skating Union has held its 59th congress. The assembly of delegates voted in favor of several important proposals that advance the modernization of ice skating sports. Among the advances were a resolution to reform the ISU Constitution, the launch of the Short Track World Tour and allowing manufacturers to appear on suits and skates, opening up opportunities for fashion brands and skate manufacturers to partner.


To improve the clarity, consistency and flexibility of the governance of the rules, the Congress approved a resolution to reform the ISU Constitution and General Regulations. The results of that reform will be presented at the Extraordinary Congress to be held in 2025, “the approval of this modernization project is an important step forward for the ISU and we look forward to a collaborative and open approach to that end,” said ISU President Jae Youl Kim.

About 75 proposals and issues were presented and discussed during the session, a total of 38 were accepted. The proposals range from a resolution to modernize the ISU constitution, to providing more flexibility for award ceremonies in the Speed and Short Track Organizing Committees, to the establishment of the Junior Short Track World Cup, to allowing agreements with clothing brands for the creation of costumes and skates, changing the ISU financial year to run from July to June to be in line with the season, having consistent dates for everything related to the ice skating season or defining the number of medals awarded for team events in speed skating and short track.

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