Meeting of the IDF and IBSF Executive Committees in New York
Yeray Vergara
June 18, 2024

The Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), which was formed after the 1980 Olympic Winter Games to oversee and operate all the venues, organizes the annual congresses of both the International Luge Federation (FIL) and the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF).

FIL and IBSF Executive Committee members took advantage of back-to-back meetings and met to discuss topics of mutual interest. They received updates from their experts on the progress of the Milano Cortina 2026 sliding center. Both Federations confirmed that the pre-homologation will take place in March 2025. FIL and IBSF reaffirmed their full support to the Milano Cortina 2026 Organizing Committee and to the construction of the new track in Cortina. They also affirmed their support for the legacy of the track and committed to hosting international events after the Olympic Games.

In constructive exchanges, the Executive Committee members also discussed topics such as sustainability, cost efficiency and new initiatives for the benefit of sliding sports, as well as improved television production. Members also had the opportunity to interact with various operators around the world, discussing the organization of sliding events, track management and other operational efficiencies.

“We look forward to more similar initiatives in the future”

IBSF President, Ivo Ferriani, expressed his gratitude to the Olympic Regional Development Authority for hosting both congresses back-to-back, which facilitated efficient travel and productive exchanges. “It was a very productive meeting and we look forward to more similar initiatives in the future,” commented Ferriani.

IDF President Einars Fogelis commented, “We are grateful to ORDA for organizing these back-to-back Congresses, which allowed both Federations to have the opportunity to have joint meetings and do strategic planning for the future. Since we have National Federations attending both Congresses, it was more sustainable as it prevented members from making separate trips to different meeting locations.”

Rebecca Dayton, general manager of Mount VanHoevenberg, added, “The Olympic Authority was honored to host the IDF and IBSF Congresses in Lake Placid this year. This event presented a remarkable opportunity to highlight the significant investments made by New York State. In addition, the joint day of meetings between FIL, IBSF and track operators from around the world was invaluable, as it allowed us to address the common challenges and opportunities facing our sports in an increasingly competitive landscape. from a wide range of perspectives on the future of sliding sports is not only exciting but also indicative of the global commitment to advancing these disciplines.”

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