New scenarios for the opening ceremony of the Olympics: limitation to Trocadero or relocation to Stade de France as options B and C
April 15, 2024

Emmanuel Macron, president of the French republic has expressed on Monday two options for the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympicsin case of terrorist threat.

The French president said on ‘BFM TV’ and ‘RMC’ that “there are plans B and even C” for the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics and that they are preparing them in parallel. After the attack in Moscow last March 22, the French government has raised the risk of attack to the highest possible, which is why the option of the Seine as the venue for the opening of the Olympic Games is wavering. Macron has therefore announced that option B would be the Stade de France or even consider limiting entry to the Trocadero.

In addition, the Gallic leader wanted to point out that he wants to “do everything possible to achieve an Olympic truce” during the Games and adds that this event “must be a diplomatic moment, a moment of peace”. All this after the war between Ukraine and Russia does not cease and the conflict between Israel and Palestine is at its highest point since it began.

French trade unions also announced strikes for the Games to which President Macron has replied to them that “France is a team, a united nation and therefore we are up to this exemplarity”.

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