Quiet, we play: what blind soccer looks like at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games
Juan José Saldaña
June 3, 2024

One of the most anticipated disciplines in the Paralympic Games is blind football, a competition that made its first appearance at the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, since then the players have delighted everyone with their spatial location, technique and speed. To date, Brazil has been the great power in this sport, achieving the gold medal in all editions.

The rules are clear, on a 40×20 field the teams composed of four court players and a goalkeeper will face each other, who, during two 20-minute halves, will seek victory. The ball has different characteristics than a conventional one, it has bells which, when moving, emit a sound which alerts the players. It is also very important that while the ball is in motion, the spectators remain silent to help the protagonists hear the bells.

Those who participate in this game have low visual acuity and/or do not perceive light, which classifies them as totally blind. On the other hand, goalkeepers must be clairvoyants or partial clairvoyants to be able to give instructions to the field players, who also have a guide, who when attacking is situated behind the rival goal. To ensure fair competition, all field players must wear goggles.

Parathletes who participate in this sport are classified as B1.

The headquarters of Paris 2024 blind football will be on the Champ de Mars, an iconic place in the French capital where a temporary stadium will be built.

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