Taekwondo: The last American places for Paris 2024 have been defined
JM González
April 12, 2024

The Dominican Republic was the capital of taekwondo for America in recent days. The Pan American Championship was held in the city of Santo Domingo, which was the last instance to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. At the event, 16 places were distributed for the mega event that will begin next July.

The Dominican Republic contest awarded quotas by country. This means that even if an athlete has achieved classification, it is not immediately ensured that he or she is the owner of that place, but rather it is the Olympic Committee of each country that finally decides which taekwondo player will be in Paris.

As for those classified, the Dominican Republic achieved two places thanks to what was done by Madelyn Rodríguez in the -67 kilos female category and Bernardo Pie in the same weight but for men.


Like the hosts of the last Pan American Games, Cuba and Chile also secured two places in the Olympic Games. The Cubans benefited from the success of Rafael Alba (+80 kilos), who achieved bronze in Tokyo 2020; and Arlettys Acosta (+67 kilos), who responded to his credentials as a double world champion. For their part, the Chileans enjoyed the triumphs of Joaquín Churchill (-80 kilos) and Fernanda Aguirre (+67 kilos).

In addition, Argentina thanks to Lucas Guzmán (-58 kilos), Uruguay with what was done by María Sara Grippoli (-49 kilos) and Venezuela due to the performance of Yohandri Granado (-58 kilos) closed the classifications.

The taekwondo of the Olympic Games will be held at the Grand Palais, a venue it will share with fencing. Of course, not all the classifieds have yet been defined. Of the 128 available spots, only four remain to be filled, belonging to the -49 kilo and -57 kilo categories of the women’s contest; and -80 kilos and +80 kilos for the male, which will be decided in

In this way, only four of the 128 taekwondo places remain to be distributed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. They will be decided by universality criteria in the women’s -49 kg and -57 kg categories, and in the men’s -80 kg. and +80 kg.

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