The athletes’ innovative disconnection capsules where they will relax at Paris 2024
Yeray Vergara
June 6, 2024

Mental health is crucial for athletes, and in the Olympic Games, where everything is put on the line, it’s even more essential. That’s why a space has been created to provide comprehensive support for the minds and bodies of athletes.

Located on the first floor of the gym in the Olympic Village, it will be a safe and welcoming space for athletes to have their emotional needs met, prepare their minds for the next competition, or for the next training session.

Always assisted by the IOC’s Safe Sport team, trained in athlete protection and mental health first aid.


Mindfulness reduces anxiety while increasing concentration, resilience, and competition readiness. During the Olympic Games, there will be various activities that athletes can try.

These activities are located in “disconnection capsules,” with breathing exercises to reduce stress levels in the body. Additionally, they can practice gratitude journaling, an example of positive psychology that encourages focusing on the positive influences in life.

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