The BMX world championship and its crucial jump for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games
Juan José Saldaña
May 13, 2024

In 2003, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made BMX an Olympic sport, holding its first medal competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Since then, and despite its short history in the Olympics, this discipline has already has managed to be one of the most attractive at the Olympic event. From May 12 to 18, the 2024 BMX Racing World Cup will be held, which will define the places for Paris 2024.

In Rock Hill, Southern California, the next edition of the 2024 BMX Racing World Championship will be held. This competition is a key step for athletes who aspire to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Whoever achieves first place will receive valuable points in the world ranking, which grants 17 Olympic places per gender and will close on June 4.

The runner-up will compete for a place by gender for their National Olympic Committee (NOC), which will be for the rider with the best result in the elite category and who has not obtained a quota through other means, such as: ranking, continental championships or 2023 World Cup. On the other hand, the NOCs are granted Olympic places, having exclusive power to choose their representatives in the Olympic Games, therefore, the participation of each athlete in their delegation will depend on the selection of their country. .


The candidates to fight for medals in Paris 2024 in the men’s category are the Colombians Diego Arboleda and Carlos Ramírez, followed by the French Romain Mahieu, Joris Daudet, Jérémy Rencurel and Arthur Pilard.

Within the women’s category, the candidates to fight for medals are the current Olympic champion Bethany Shriver of Great Britain; the Colombians Mariana Pajón and Gabriela Bollé; sisters Laura and Merel Smulders from the Netherlands; Zoe Claessens from Switzerland; Saya Sakakibara from Australia; and local Alise Willoughby.

The next few weeks will be key to knowing who will be present at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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