The busy schedule of the International Weightlifting Federation: life between France and Armenia
JM González
May 10, 2024

These are busy times for the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), which these days has held important meetings ahead of its upcoming events. The focus is on the closest thing, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. But also with an eye on the Armenia 2027 World Cup.

This week, representatives of the IWF and the Olympic Games Organizing Committee met in Paris to see how preparations for the event are going and also to agree on next steps. In the French capital, transportation and accommodation plans, accreditations and competition were reviewed. In addition, they visited the headquarters and training sites in the Olympic Village.


The visit to Paris was not the only occupation of the IWF these days. Before visiting France, President Mohammed Jalood and Secretary General Antonio Urso met with Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia, to also review aspects of preparation for the 2027 World Cup to be held in their country.

The city of Yerevan will host the tournament, seeking to match the success with which they organized the European Championship in 2023. “The level of commitment of our friends in Armenia is astonishing and the personal interest and involvement of the Prime Minister is a solid guarantee that We will have great competition in Yerevan,” said Mohammed Jalood.

“Everyone in Armenia is determined to spread the message and make the IWF World Cup, as the Prime Minister said, the ‘largest sporting event ever held in Yerevan’,” concluded the general secretary. Antonio Urso regarding the 2027 appointment.

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