The futuristic new floor of FIBA for the Basketball Champions League
JM González
April 25, 2024

European basketball is in decisive stages to meet its champions. A week ago Paris Basket won the EuroCup title and now it is the turn of the Basketball Champions League, which will have a Final Four that will mark history not only for sports, but also for the technology that will be used on the land to be occupied in Belgrade.

Between Friday, April 26 and Sunday, April 28, the defining quadrangular of the second most important club tournament in Europe will take place. Lenovo Tenerife, Peristeri bwin, UCAM Murcia and Unicaja are the teams that will seek the title. The ASB GlassFloor will be implemented at the event, an LED floor that was released in July 2023 and is a new innovation from FIBA ​​seeking to make the show more attractive.

“Statistics and achievements to be displayed live”

“The next-generation surface revolutionizes the match experience by enabling interactive applications and featuring the ability to add player tracking, allowing statistics and achievements to be displayed live on the pitch, as part of a package that enhances player interaction. the fans,” FIBA ​​published when announcing the implementation that will take place in Belgrade.

It will be the first time that this glass floor equipped with LED panels will be used in an international club tournament. It was already tested at the U19 Women’s World Cup in Spain in July of last year. And given the good reactions that its implementation generated, it was also tested in the German Bundesliga, in the opening match of the season that faced Bayern Munich against Mitteldeutscher in September 2023. The NBA, for its part, also used it during the All Star weekend last February.


As for sports, Friday the 26th will be the day of the semifinals. The first round (6:00 p.m. Belgrade time) will be between Lenovo Tenerife against Peristeri bwin, followed by the duel between UCAM Murcia and Unicaja at 9:00 p.m. local time.

Finally, on Sunday the 28th the duel for third place will be played at 5:00 p.m. Belgrade, to then make room for the grand final that will be played starting at 8:00 p.m. local time.

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