The new soccer rules for this coming season
Yeray Vergara
July 2, 2024

With the arrival of July, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) changes or introduces new rules for soccer. Although the new rules came into force on July 1, for competitions that have already started they do not count, i.e. for the Euro Cup and the Copa America they are not in force.

The new rules are:

  • In case of concussion, there may be a sixth substitution.
  • Not every handball that avoids a clear and obvious goal-scoring opportunity will be a red card, a yellow card will be given and it will be a penalty.
  • In these penalties, they will only be repeated if the player who enters the area has influence in the final result of the play and the ball at the time of the penalty will have to be in the center of the spot.
  • In the corners, the ball must be against the center of the circumference drawn on the field of play.
  • Protests by non-captains will be penalized, something that is already being tested in the Euro Cup and Copa America.
  • Goalkeepers will have 6 to 8 seconds more to kick off and will be allowed to wear long pants.
  • A time-out will be introduced, where the referee will be able to decree a stoppage so that captains and coaches can get teammates and coaching staff to behave appropriately in certain situations.
  • The IFAB does not want matches to last 100 minutes but they do want to minimize the gestures of the players in search of profit and against the spectacle.
  • They will also allow the referee to explain in the stadiums what he has just whistled but it will be up to the federations and leagues to decide whether to apply it.


The famous and controversial “Wenger Law” that refers to the change of offside, allowing the striker to be in front of the defender, but with a part of his body in line with him, is still under study and more and more people are asking for it, for example, to avoid what happened in the European Championship with the disallowed goal to Denmark against Germany.

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