Why SportsIn?
April 7, 2024

Why SportsIn has many answers because it is a complex question with many interpretations and different targeting.

I asked this question to myself, but I also answered it to my partner and co-founder of SportsIn when we discussed the idea of its creation.

1.     Why was SportsIn founded?

There is a basic law in nature, “when there is a gap, nature comes and fills it”. I think that in the electronic information of sports in the last period there was a gap of objective information in the recording of the facts, but there was also an approach based on other criteria that do not serve fair and objective information as also the Olympic principles and values that should constitute the acrolith of sports.

SportsIn came to fill this gap. These ideas, values and principles are served by the two creators of SportsIn and its entire journalistic team.

2.     Why will SportsIn be something different?

Our online version will not follow the beaten path. We did not come to present a repetition of what was done up until today. Our editions will be accompanied by live broadcasts of the main events, we will deal with the athletes themselves and their lives in general, because sports stars have many other important aspects of their lives and have a lot more to offer apart from outstanding records and that’s why we created Athlete’s Stardom, the segment of SportsIn that will highlight the rest of their lives, their human sensibilities and the rest of their talents and skills. It will be the athletes’ meeting area outside the playing fields and outside their sports activities.

3.     Why should anyone follow SportsIn?

To have timely and valid information, based on facts, to have an objective capture of analyzes and the expression of an uninfluenced opinion on current events and facts (SportsIn Opinion), to have an expression of free journalism that aims to serve authentic news, because it will promote the athletes, their coaches, the officials and in general to promote the work that is built every day by those who could be called in one word as “the workers of sports” and who make up the sports team, and finally because SportsIn will serve the basic values and principles of Olympism.

To support all the above, we have built a very dynamic group of independent journalists, of various ages, to combine experience and youthful enthusiasm, and we hope to succeed in our goals, offering all our readers and followers what we promised.



George Yerolimpos,
SportsIn CEO and Co-founder

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