World Triathlon celebrates 35th anniversary: a legacy of excellence, innovation and triumph
Loreto Corbalán
April 8, 2024

The 35th anniversary of the World Triathlon is celebrated, a competition that has left a legacy of excellence and innovation in the world of sport. Since its first edition in 1989, the World Triathlon has been synonymous with challenge and improvement, attracting athletes from all corners of the world and becoming one of the most demanding events on the international sports calendar.

Throughout these three and a half decades, the World Triathlon has witnessed great feats and historical moments that have remained engraved in the memories of fans. Since Mark Allen’s first victory in 1989, until the last edition in 2023, the World Triathlon has seen legends of the sport such as Simon Whitfield, Alistair Brownlee, Gwen Jorgensen and Flora Duffy, among others. These athletes have left their mark on the history of triathlon and have contributed to its growth and popularity.

In addition to its impact on the world of sport, the World Triathlon has also been a driver of innovation and technological development. The sponsoring companies and the athletes themselves have worked together to create cutting-edge equipment and technology that has improved the performance and safety of competitors. The collaboration between the worlds of sport and technology has been key to the success of the World Triathlon and will continue to be a fundamental part of its legacy for years to come.

Inauguration in Lausanne of the World Triathlon headquarters at the end of 2023. (World Triathlon)

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