The big excitement of AIDA Freediving World Championship in Kaunas (and the records to broke)
June 19, 2024

The world’s most elite freedivers are gathering for the 32nd time at the AIDA Freediving World Championship in Kaunas, Lithuania from 21 June to 29 June 2024. This year’s event promises to put a spotlight on the world of freediving in the pool, highlighting the phenomenal achievements these athletes can undertake all whilst holding a single breath. AIDA International is thrilled to bring this prestigious event to Lithuania for the first time, showcasing the sport’s top talent.

“We are extremely delighted to announce that the 32nd AIDA Pool World Championship is generously supported by the local community in Kaunas and our committed long-time sponsor, Double K. Their involvement and backing are instrumental in making this event a success,” said Sasa Jeremic, AIDA president.
During the world championship, 150 athletes from 40 countries will take part in the following freediving pool disciplines in the following freediving disciplines:

Static (STA): the freediver holds their breath, motionless, so to minimize oxygen consumption – for as long as possible with their airways submerged underwater. This discipline boasts the longest standing unbeaten records, with 15 years for the men and 11 years for the women.
– Current Men’s World Record: 11:35 minutes – Stéphane Mifsud (France) – 2009
– Current Women’s World Record: 9:02 minutes – Natalia Molchanova (Russia) – 2013

Dynamic With Fins (DYN): the freediver swims underwater with the assistance of fins/monofin while holding their breath, trying to reach the longest possible distance.
– Current Men’s World Record: curiosity – recently, Ming (William Joy) Jin (China) managed to reach 311m – over 6 olympic pool lengths – but this remarkable result couldn’t be officiated as a world record as it was not administered in accordance with the AIDA Freediving Competition Rules and Regulations. Therefore, the official World Record remains at 301m, set by Guillaume Bourdila (France) – 2022.
– Current Women’s World Record: 277 m – Magdalena Solich-Talanda (Poland) – 2022

Dynamic With Bifins (DYNB): the freediver swims underwater with the assistance of bifins while holding their breath, trying to cover the longest possible distance. It is the newest freediving discipline, added to the line-up in 2018.
– Current Men’s World Record: 290 m – Mateusz Malina (Poland) – 2022
– Current Women’s World Record: 243 m – Magdalena Solich-Talanda (Poland) – 2022

Dynamic No Fins (DNF): the freediver swims underwater for the longest possible distance while holding their breath, without the assistance of propulsion aids, but in a modified breast stroke style, making it the most demanding pool discipline.
– Current Men’s World Record: 250 m – Mateusz Malina (Poland) – 2022
– Current Women’s World Record: 213 m – Julia Kozerska (Poland) – 2023


The featured sponsor at this year’s world championship, for the 6th consecutive event, is premium freediving equipment producer Double K. Double K is Korea’s leading brand specializing in freediving equipment, and renowned for its high-quality suits, fins, bags, and more. Their wetsuits are crafted using exclusive Yamamoto neoprene and boast 11 patents, 14 design registrations, and 7 trademarks.

Also, companies from Lithuania who are supporting this happening in their town are First Logistics, Adikopas, Kaunastic, Macadamia Nut Farm, Kauno Savivaldybė and “Žalgirio” Arenos Baseinas. The freediving equipment producers Cetma and ATMOS are supporting the event as well.


The competition will be streamed live on AIDA’s YouTube Channel starting 24 June 2024. The complete schedule of events, start lists, and results can be found on the official AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024 website.

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