Atos, Paris 2024 IT security provider, announces million-dollar losses
April 1, 2024

The French company Atos, data and cybersecurity provider for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, announced that it is bankrupt and with million-dollar losses. However, they also assured that the service promised for the Olympic event is not in danger.

Atos’ losses in 2023 reached €3.4 billion. Paul Saleh, CEO of the company, commented that they have been in “talks with our financial creditors to reach a refinancing agreement before July.”

Why is the information relevant? Because Atos is in charge of the event’s data and cybersecurity, in addition to being responsible for ensuring that the instant results platforms work on time at Paris 2024, providing relevant information to broadcasts and media, among other functions. Also, because Atos has worked alongside the International Olympic Committee since the 2002 Winter Games.

Despite concerns about the current state of the company and the proximity to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paul Saleh, in a press conference, ratified his call for calm. “There are no concerns about the Games,” the manager concluded.

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