Paris 2024: the extreme security challenge for the Olympic Games
Juan Antonio Belmar
March 31, 2024

The organization of the Olympic Games always entails significant challenges in terms of security, and Paris 2024 is no exception. The city faces multiple aspects in this area, from the protection of athletes and spectators to the prevention of possible external and internal threats. One of the main security objectives is the management of massive events in multiple locations. With competitions and activities scattered throughout the city and surrounding areas, coordination and security control here become critical to ensure a safe and secure environment for all involved.

For this reason, the latest events that occurred at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, where the terrorist group ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the attack and the death of more than 144 people, continue to circulate around the world and attention is focused on the headquarters Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Let us remember that ISIS-K is a branch of the Islamic State and since its creation in 2017, this terrorist group left the borders of Afghanistan and is spread throughout much of Europe, being a much more extreme wing and suicide. The Moscow massacre and the announcement that they are going to other capitals in Europe, among them; Paris, London and Berlin put the governments of these countries on alert. France has raised the alert level to the highest level in response to an imminent attack on French soil, security measures, including surveillance and international collaboration will be extreme and to the limit, there is no margin for error, assuming that the radius of action is a immensity, impossible to control in its entirety.


Paris 2024 has great challenges and has to assume and face them in a short time; lower the level of anxiety and insecurity that athletes have with this component that could be in the subconscious and today is activated and is in the collective conscious of each of them, adding an additional burden and stress to the competition.

The opening ceremony will bring together more than half a million people and will have the Seine River as a postcard, security will be tested at its maximum, my experiences from previous games dating from Atlanta 1996 to Tokyo 2020+1 in situ, allow me to continue believing in the transversality of sport, in the ability to bring out the best in oneself, in celebrating triumph and standing up in defeat, all these attributes and values are delivered by sport, but there is a space in this global society that does not respect and look for these spaces to desecrate the activity.

Ideologies and creeds are part of this coexistence, although we hope that the Paris 2024 Olympic Games show the civilized world that everything is possible, from sharing in the Olympic Village and the pride of representing your country, to seeing how the flags are raised. and the five continents are intertwined, where hope becomes stronger than ever, because more than 10,500 athletes inspire us to have a better world.

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