French Alps and Utah have submitted their bids for the 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympic Games
Yeray Vergara
May 30, 2024

The bids for the 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympic Games have been submitted to the Winter Olympic Federations. Members of the Future Host Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) visited the French Alps and Utah sites in April.

The French Alps bid team described the presentation as “a standard discussion process within the framework of the targeted dialogue.” Meanwhile, the Utah delegation reported presenting a “compelling and sustainable plan” to the federations. Gene Sykes, President of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, praised Utah’s leadership and noted “a fully committed community behind the bid.”

Salt Lake City, the proposed host city for the Winter Olympics in Utah, previously hosted the Games in 2002. Colin Hilton, President of the Utah Olympic Committee, remarked, “the living legacy created from 2002 still resonates… our current ability to showcase proven results is a strong selling point for Utah to the winter sports federations.” Hilton also stated in a local TV interview that “the meeting was excellent… we have 40% more events than in 2002 but are using the same venues.”

The Future Host Commission will send its reports with recommendations to the IOC Executive Board, which will meet in July to decide whether to present the bids to the 142nd IOC Session in Paris on July 24, two days before the start of the Summer Olympics. Both the French Alps and Utah will present their bids to the IOC members, and it appears likely that both venues will be approved.

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