The Salt Lake City 2034 Winter Olympics are almost a fact
Juan José Saldaña
May 9, 2024

A few months ago, Salt Lake City formally presented its candidacy to host the 2034 Winter Olympic Games, being the only city to apply to host the event. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared this proposal from the city that also hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002 as preferential.

Karl Stoss, president of the Future Hosts Commission, together with the Executive Director of the Olympics, Christophe Dubi and the Director of Future Hosts, Jacqueline Barret, visited Utah in April with the aim of speaking with local authorities and visiting the centers. sports, obtaining very encouraging results. “The legacy of 2002 has been maintained at a very high level. We have found great locations for the Winter Olympics”, Stoss told local media.

Catherine Raney, president of the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee and four-time Olympic champion in skating, stated about the commitment and legacy of what will be SLC-UT 2034. “Our continued commitment to athletes in our planning and pursuit of new Innovative ways to improve our communities through sport have been recognized by the IOC. “Those efforts will not only help us produce a great Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2034, but will leave a lasting legacy in our Utah communities.”

Initially, the capital of Utah had the idea of ​​presenting its candidacy for 2030, but they changed their plans when they saw that they would be too close to the 2028 summer Olympics that will be held in Los Angeles. At the end of March, the guarantees from the federal, state and local governments were presented, attaching the agreements for the use of headquarters, accommodation and marketing rights.

Although the IOC’s decision is practically a fact, we will still have to wait until July 24, the day on which the venues for the 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympic Games will be officially selected.

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