The historic first FIM Medical Summit marked the 2024 Commissions Conference
JM González
March 22, 2024

This week the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) 2024 Commissions Conference was held in Lyon, with three days of work in which senior motorcycling executives worked on the various categories that make up this important event in the world. of the two wheels.

The event, among all the topics that were discussed, was marked by the holding of the first FIM Medical Summit, which brought together doctors from all motorcycling disciplines. At the meeting, anti-doping codes and the FIM helmet homologation program were discussed. Also, about safety protocols, concussion management and various interventions depending on the type of accident.


On the other hand, topics such as working on noise reduction due to noise pollution, updates to motorcycle competitions with electric and internal combustion engines, and new global FIM guidelines were also discussed at the Conference.

Finally, there were recognitions for the career of several directors, including the President of the FIM, Jorge Viegas, for his 30 years of service; and they talked about proposals to commemorate the 120 years of the governing body of motorcycling worldwide.


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