The International Bandy Federation convened to prepare for the Electoral Congress on June 8th.
Yeray Vergara
May 13, 2024

The International Bandy Federation (FIB) Executive Committee (EC) held a meeting to prepare for the Electoral Congress scheduled for June 8th in Stockholm, Sweden. During the meeting, the Financial Report, Congress agenda, and Election Regulations were approved, and they will be sent to all member associations.

Another point discussed at the meeting was the temporary suspension of Afghanistan, Colombia, and Somalia due to non-payment of fees and lack of bandy activity in those countries. Additionally, the latest updates on the organization of the FIB 2025 World Championship in Sweden were addressed.


Upon the proposal of the FIB Education and Development Committee (EDC) and the FIB Gender Equity Committee (GEC), the EC appointed Tobias Karlsson as President of the EDC and Idaa Bure as President of the GEC. Following Tobias Karlsson’s appointment, the Finnish Bandy Federation proposed Andreas Sjöblom to the FIB Technical Committee, a proposal that was unanimously approved by the EC.

The creation of an interim Athletes Committee was also approved to ensure direct athlete representation in the nomination process for member associations.

Finally, some modifications to the FIB Statutes were discussed, which will be presented to the Congress next month.

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