The intrahistory of the photo of Messi bathing the new “legend” Lamine Yamal
Yeray Vergara
July 10, 2024

The photos of Leo Messi with Lamine Yamal when he was just a baby are already known. The latter’s father has already taken it upon himself to bring them to light. “The beginning of two legends” reads the caption on Mounir Yamal‘s social networks.

His son, after scoring a truly amazing goal in the semi-final of the European Championship against France, has become a legend. He is no less than the youngest player in history to score a goal in a European Championship, at the age of 16 years and 362 days.


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And not content with that, he was also the MVP of the match, showing all the potential that the player has, who next Sunday will face his first final as a professional player, the final of the European Championship.


The goal is a true work of art, he receives in the front of the area, faces his defender and puts a left-footed shot to the corner of the French goalkeeper who can do nothing to stop it and ties the game, the rest is already history of sport and the Eurocups.

Who knows if the photo may be a harbinger of what we have yet to see from Lamine Yamal, closer to Messi than we might think. Now, the author of the famous photos himself has revealed how he experienced that photo shoot.

“It was difficult, Messi is an introverted and shy guy“, says Joan Monfort who also tells the surprise of a Messi with 18 years old to see a plastic tub with a baby inside.

Now the two of them in a final, one in the Euro Cup and the other in the Copa America, it seems that their lives have had points in common since Lamine was born.

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