Urban Sports Qualifier: the last step before Paris 2024
Juan José Saldaña
May 16, 2024

The Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS) 2024 has already begun in Shanghai, an event that consists of two parts and will be a qualifier for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. The first stage will take place from May 16 to 19 . During these days the exponents of breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding and BMX freestyle will compete for a single objective, to reach the rings mega event.

Breaking will have 80 exponents who will fight for 14 available tickets, which are divided equally between women and men, a historic quota for this discipline. Among the most prominent brokers who will seek the classification are the current number one in the world, the B-boy Wing, and his female counterpart, the B-girl Riko.

Sport climbing is not far behind. There will be 160 athletes who will compete for 30 available places for Paris 2024. This specialty has three different events. The Sports Climbing Federation has said that the places will be distributed as follows: ten will go in each of the two Builder and Difficulty tests, and five in each of the two Speed ​​tests. The number one in the ranking, Natalia Kaluka and her male pair, We Pung, will be the main figures in these OQS.

Skateboarding, for its part, will have 88 athletes of which only 22 skaters by discipline (Park or Street) and gender will be able to attend the Olympic event. The main exponents that will be present at this OQS are Shirai Sora and Nyjah Huston on the men’s side and Nishiya Momiji along with Rayssa Leal on the women’s side.

Finally there is the BMX Freestyle, where Logan Martin and Charlotte Worthington, current Olympic champions, will try to retain their crowns and for that they will compete alongside 48 riders of which only 12 by gender will obtain a place for the Olympic Games.

The second stage of this Qualification Series will take place in Budapest from June 20 to 30.

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