Boxing is in danger of disappearing from the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics
Loreto Corbalán
March 20, 2024

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has expressed concern about the inclusion of boxing in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games due to the inability of the International Boxing Association (IBA) to resolve its problems related to this organization. This situation puts at risk the presence of one of the historic Olympic sports, since since its debut in 1904, boxing has been an integral part of the Olympic Games, with the exception of the 1912 edition, with London 2012 being the first time it was held, included women’s boxing.

IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell has stated that if a “new” federation is not established with which they can collaborate, boxing could be excluded from the Olympic program. The IBA, currently suspended by the IOC due to multiple irregularities, would not be involved if boxing is part of Los Angeles 2028.


This uncertainty adds to the previous problems between the IOC and the international federation, which has led to the tournaments and qualifiers reporting directly to the IOC instead of the federation for two editions. McConnell has emphasized that there will be no third chance: if a new boxing body is not established to collaborate with the IOC, boxing will not be included in the Los Angeles Olympics.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be the second consecutive time in which the boxing tournament depends directly on the IOC, an organization that considers that the international boxing federation maintains its problems of governance, financing and cleanliness in arbitration. This situation poses a significant challenge to ensuring boxing’s presence at Los Angeles 2028 and highlights the urgent need to resolve disagreements between the entities involved in this iconic sport.

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