IBA excluded from the Association of Summer Olympics International Federations
Sofía González
April 9, 2024

The 48th ASOIF General Assembly, after today’s voting -held within the framework of SportAccord (Birmingham)– has decided to exclude the IBA from the ASOIF. This voting result followed the recommendation of the ASOIF Council to exclude The International Boxing Association (IBA) membership status as a result of the CAS recent decision of the IBA’s appeal and also of the non recognition by the IOC.

Following the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision on June 22, 2023, to revoke recognition from the International Boxing Association (IBA), the IBA filed an appeal on June 27, 2023. However, their appeal was subsequently dismissed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). As of now, leading up to the ASOIF General Assembly at Sport Accord 2024, the International Boxing Association (IBA) was recognized solely by the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), which had conferred upon them the status of an Associate Member.

Boxing, out of ASOIF. (Sofía González)

However, on Tuesday 9th April, and in the context of 2024 SportAccord in Birmingham at the ASOIF General Assembly, the Membership Exclusion of IBA was finally voted by members.


As Francesco Ricci Bitti, president of the Association of Summer Olympics (ASOIF) said before the actual voting “The International Olympic Committee are not recognising the IBA and said they are not going to support the International Boxing Association (IBA) again in Olympics so it is very probable that the sport is not going to be in L.A.”

“We recommend to exclude IBA of the ASOIF according to the Article 3.14”

“If we are not presented with an alternative solution, Boxing will not be part of the program in Los Angeles, so therefore, we recommend to exclude IBA of the ASOIF according to the Article 3.14 as I said before because, right now, they are in serious violation of the obligation of the members”

Accordingly, after Ricci Bitti words, the voting took place in Birmingham and the results were clear: 100% of the members (28) voted for IBA to be excluded of ASOIF and there was only 1 abstain. This signifies the termination of the International Boxing Association’s affiliation with the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), a partnership that originated in 1983.

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