The award to Susana Rodríguez and the 100 days until the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games
Loreto Corbalán
May 20, 2024

With only 100 days until the start of the Paralympic Games in Paris, the excitement and anticipation are palpable in the sporting environment. Among the athletes who are preparing with dedication for this event, Susana Rodríguez, a Spanish triathlete stands out, who recently received important recognition for her achievements in Paralympic sport; Queen Letizia Award for the best athlete of the year 2022.

Susana Rodríguez expressed to SportsIn her deep gratitude for this award, which marks a milestone as it was awarded for the first time to an athlete with a disability. The athlete highlighted the importance of her work and success being valued beyond her condition, which has allowed her to enjoy this recognition with her team.

Susana also shared details about her preparation for the next Paralympic Games, where she is focused on arriving in optimal conditions to compete in the three modalities of the triathlon. Despite having gone through a difficult time of “burn out” in 2022, the athlete is motivated and has high expectations to beat her own records in Paris.


In addition, Susana revealed memorable anecdotes about her encounter with royalty, highlighting the closeness and interest they showed in learning more about her work at the hospital and the details of her training. These enriching encounters allow her to get closer to people she admires.

With a career marked by improvement and success, Susana Rodríguez is an inspiring example for many. Her determination and passion for Paralympic sport have led her to great achievements, and her participation in upcoming sporting challenges is eagerly anticipated.

These remaining 100 days will be one of intense preparation and excitement for Susana and all the athletes getting ready to compete in the Paralympic Games in Paris. The countdown has begun and the world of Paralympic sports is preparing to experience an event full of inspiration and triumphs!

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