The IOC proposes the French Alps as the host for the 2030 Winter Games.
Yeray Vergara
June 14, 2024
The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has proposed the French Alps for hosting the 2030 Winter Games, following the recommendation of the Commission on Future Host Cities for the Winter Olympics.

Karl Stoss, Chair of the Commission and IOC member, praised the fact that the French Alps have previous experience hosting world championships and cups. “As the first editions of the Winter Olympics to align with Olympic Agenda 2020 from planning to execution, the project would achieve significant social, economic, and environmental benefits for its host communities, while leveraging their existing expertise in organizing international winter sports competitions.”

The excellent venues and strong athlete involvement in the planning of the Games were other key attractions of the French Alps’ proposal. The IOC stated that the 2030 project had received “strong public and political support” and cited the vision of uniting the northern and southern Alpine regions of France under a global banner of the “French Alps.”

The future roadmaps outlined by the IOC to deliver financially and environmentally sustainable Games included using 93% of existing or temporary venues in four clusters, thus reducing carbon emissions compared to previous Games.

Plans to make winter sports accessible to all, especially people with disabilities and young people, were also valued, along with opportunities to capitalize on France’s knowledge and experience as host of Paris 2024 and to extend some legacy programs and partnerships to the winter context.

The next step in the process will be a closed-door virtual briefing for IOC members on June 26. If the preferred hosts meet all the requirements, the IOC session is scheduled to vote on the Executive Board’s proposals on July 24.

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