Women’s freediving triumphs at AIDA Freediving World Championship
Yeray Vergara
June 27, 2024

The AIDA World Freediving Championships in Kaunas on the second day of competition, saw a display of the toughest discipline of pool freediving, the Dynamic Finsless. In the dynamic freediving test without fins the freediver swims underwater while holding his breath for as long a distance as possible without the aid of propulsion, making it the most demanding freediving discipline.

The world records are currently held by Poland’s Mateusz Malina with 250 meters and Julia Kozerska with 213 meters. Poland is one of the leading countries in this discipline and this time they were not going to be less. Julia Korerska has once again confirmed her dominance in this discipline by winning the title of world champion for the third consecutive time. In the men’s division, Poland was also the winner, Karol Karcz performed a clean and perfect protocol and dive and corrected the mistake that cost him the gold medal last year in Jeju. The silver medals went to Hungary and the bronze medals to Ukraine in the women and Germany in the men.

This competition gave many athletes the opportunity to set new continental and national records, especially in the women’s category with up to eight new records. Asia, Africa and North America also have new records.

Women’s national records were set by Evelina Navasinskaitè for Lithuania with 161 meters. 118 meters was set by Austria’s Elisabeth Mattes. Siri Ostvold made 129 meters for Norway, Diana Boesan 120 meters for Romania, Latvia’s Ilona Bardiseva made 116 meters, Colombia’s Diana Ninco 113 meters, Hungary’s Zsófia Torocsik 180 meters and Ukraine’s Kateryna Sadurska 177 meters. In the men’s events, Oman’s Ibrahim Al Sulaitni cleared 168 meters and Hungary’s Andras Sopronyi 183 meters.

In continental records, American Natalie Bruce ran 150 meters and Asian Yasuko Ozeki 172 meters. South Africa’s Anton de Wet made 154 meters.

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