Scottie Scheffler, the calm future dad who will put golf aside
April 15, 2024

American Scottie Scheffler is the second green jacket he wears. The two-time winner of the Augusta Masters, one of the most prestigious tournaments of any sport in the world, is a quiet guy, 27, deeply believing and practicing and who will soon see how the sport he is so good at, golf, will become a less important part of his life. He will soon be a dad.

The current number 1 golfer has just pocketed 3.6 million dollars with his victory at Augusta and the question of what he will do from now on surrounds him. He has always recognized that golf, although he is extraordinarily good at it, has never been his priority, but to be a nice person, to train academically and to be surrounded by his family as much as possible. Now, with his wife 8 months pregnant, he himself has declared that his favorite sport will take a place further back in his aforementioned chain of priorities.


In fact, the organization made an exception for him by allowing a member of his team to carry a cell phone (forbidden on the course) in case his wife went into labor. He had already warned that if that happened, he would drop out of the tournament.

He met his current caddie, Ted Scott, at a Bible study group, and to him he went right after winning his second Masters. Those who know him were not surprised by this gesture of companionship and humility to share the glory, to those who did not know him, they already know what this corpulent athlete of 1.88m and 92 kilos is like.

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